The Twins' bond will be put to the test!

Ivy has a coffin sized secret-and she's been expressly forbidden by the vampire-powers-that-be not to share it with the one person she's dying to tell-Olivia. Ivy and Olivia certainly have their differences, but they've never let things like a set of fangs, or a fondness of bats, threaten their friendship. They're twins after all, and nothing could ever come between them-could it?

Plot Edit

A funny, super-girly story with a vampire bite to it. When a Hollywood strike puts Olivia's movie aspirations on hold, she distracts herself from thoughts of her long-distance actor boyfriend Jackson by throwing herself into organisation of the school dance. Little does she know, her twin Ivy is keeping a secret from her: she is off to The Wallachia Academy, the finishing school for vampires. When the surprise wedding announcement of Prince Alex and Tessa comes, the truth is out. But Olivia misunderstands Ivy will just be gone for the summer, right? Wrong. Life is changing, and for the first time since they discovered each other, the twins are going to be apart Sink your teeth into Olivia and Ivy's ninth fright-time adventure.