The Bat Pack

This could be their big chance!

A top Hollywood producer thinks the twins are The Next Big Thing. But a wooden stake would be better at acting then Ivy. And Oliva has to keep quiet about her real-life role, as superstar Jackson's girlfriend. But a jealous vampire actress might blow the coffin lid off the totally exciting.

Plot Edit

Olivia and Ivy take on Hollywood! The Groves, the movie where Jackson and Olivia first met, it finally having its big premiere. Olivia and Ivy both get to walk the red carpet in style - just like real Hollywood stars! The twins may be destines for actual Hollywood soon enough, though. Paparazzi have filled Franklin Grove and rumors swirl that the next "it" movie is an adaptation of Eternal Sunset, a super-popular vampire novel - about vampire twin sisters. Is art about to imitate real life? The book is about a premiere and the person named Jessica is trying to let Olivia and Jackson's secret out but to know what there secret is then read the book to find out?