Ivy's back in town-and her fangs are out!


Stake Out

After spending a semester in Transylvania, Ivy is thrilled to be home in Franklin Grove. But not everything is back to normal. Olivia has a new friend named Holly-and she's driving a wedge between the twins. Worse yet, a mysterious blogger is onto Franklin Grove's biggest secret-that vampires walk the streets. The whole vampire community is in an uproar, Ivy has a suspect in mind-but will unmasking the blogger ruin her relationship with Olivia.

Plot Edit

Olivia and Ivy's twelfth fright-time adventure. 'We're on a mission'! Ivy and Olivia are together again - and not a moment too soon. The whole vampire community is in a flap. Can the twins discover the identity of the mystery blogger who's determined to expose Franklin Grove's biggest secret? Hold on to your fangs, vamp fans. It's time to go undercover! This is a killer story to sink your teeth into.