Ivy's new school is driving her batty!


Vampire School Dropout?

Ivy and Olivia are apart for the first time since they discovered they were twins. Ivy is in Transylvania at famed vampire school Wallachia Academy. She's learning everything from vampire royal history to the art of coffin construction-but one important thing is missing: Olivia! Back in Franklin Grove, Olivia misses Ivy, but is determined to stay cheerful. She's even made a brand-new friend! But when Olivia dresses up like Ivy as a favor to Brendan, everyone gets confused. Without her sister to help her out, Olivia has to untangle the twin turmoil all by herself!

Plot Edit

The twins are adjusting to high school, but everything is still topsy turvy. Ivy's flipping out about being the most popular girl in school. All she wants is some time to herself! But her band of superfans are clinging to her tighter than bats to a cave.

Meanwhile, Olivia is on a matchmaking mission. But will Queen Goth Amelia and Skater Boy Finn be able to put aside their differences and realize they are head over heels for each other?