Lights, camera-vampires?


Double Disaster

Ivy is starting a new school, just as Olivia is jetting off to (finally) start filming the Eternal Sunset movie. Separated from her vivacious twin, Ivy is worried about being a small vamp in a big pond full of bunnies. But Ivy finds herself in good company, Goths rule this school, and black is the uniform of choice. Not only does Ivy not stick out-she's suddenly a member of the popular crowd. Meanwhile, Olivia is facing a strange situation of her own. Her Eternal Sunset co-star is none other than the dreamy Jackson Caulfied-has her heart finally mended enough to face him?

Plot Edit

The twins' 13th adventure finds Olivia on location and Ivy having an identity crisis

Olivia's living it up in London on the set of her film, Eternal Sunset. But all she can think about is ex-boyfriend and co-star, Jackson. Meanwhile Ivy is in for a shock when she starts high school; suddenly the goths are the in-crowd! How will Ivy cope when she becomes instantly popular and her trademark death-squint loses its power to stop a bunny at 10 paces?