Charlotte Brown is the Franklin Grove Middle School cheerleading captain and is presumably the most popular girl in school (she's also Ivy's next-door neighbor).

Personality & AppearanceEdit

Charlotte's described as being a beautiful blonde girl with a mean, snobby and rude attitude. She's also shown to think highly of herself, but also seems to get easily jealous.



In the first book of the series, Charlotte's initial appearance is in Ivy's social studies class, where she's seated in front of Ivy. Her two best friends are Katie and Allison, and the three girls are obsessed with the upcoming cheerleading tryouts and Charlotte's very confident that she's going to be the new cheerleading captain.

When Olivia first meets her, she's in the same gym class as Charlotte, Katie and Allison, and at first wants to become friends with them, but later has second thoughts about it, especially after Charlotte insults Ivy Vega and her Goth friends. Appalled by Charlotte's rude behavior, Olivia stands up for them, and in their last period science class, which Olivia has with Ivy, and apologizes for Charlotte's rudeness and compliments Ivy on her good taste in fashion.

Ivy accepts the apology, and admits to Olivia that she's used to Charlotte's petty ways, and reveals to Olivia that Charotte's actually her next-door neighbor. Ivy also reveals to Olivia that she tried out for cheerleading in 6th-grade and actually made the squad, beating out Charlotte, who was originally an alternative. However, cheerleading wasn't Ivy's thing, so she quit after the first week and joined the school newspaper, and Charlotte got to fill the spot Ivy left, which is apparently the only reason she actually made the squad in the first place (which Charlotte's never gotten over).

Eventually, during the practices before the actual cheerleading tryouts, Charlotte sees that Olivia's a really good cheerleader and realizes that Olivia's her biggest competition for captain of the cheerleading squad, and even tries to sabotage Olivia as well, but Olivia manages to make the FGMS-cheerleading squad---but Charlotte becomes the new captain. Olivia later admitted to her friends that she's OK with that, because she feels that it's only fair since Charlotte's been on the squad longer than Olivia has (although Olivia's considered to be the best cheerleader on the squad).


  • At the beginning of the book, when Charlotte and her friends are talking about the upcoming cheerleading tryouts, it's revealed that Charlotte has an older sister who's a student at Franklin Grove High School and is also co-captain of the FGHS-varisty cheerleading squad.
    • It's never stated how much older Charlotte's sister is, but if she's the co-captain of a varsity sports team, she's either a junior or a senior is thus three to four years older than Charlotte.