Camilla is Olivia's best friend at Franklin Grove. She is one of the few people that are humans, and doesn't know about the vampire secret yet. She was new to Franklin Grove High School at the same time Olivia was, so they were able to quickly befriend each over.


Camilla is shown to be a quiet, nice, young girl, sort of like Olivia. She can be very perky, and is very enthusiastic when it comes to talking about sci-fi related things and/or books. She can be very kind when meeting new people, for example, when she met one of Serena Star's camera men - who was also into sci-fi books.

Camilla can sometimes act like characters out of her sci-fi books, occasionally saying if something's wrong that, "there's gonna be an alien invasion!" Or "this is just what happened in my sci-fi book in the last chapter." She sometimes talks like them, and says random quotes out of her books.


Not much can be read about Camilla's appearance, however it did mention a few significant details about how she looks:

In the first book (My sister the vampire: Switched), she was said to have long, curly, blonde hair and tanned skin. In the fith book (My sister the vampire: Take Two), it referred to her looking slightly like Goldilocks.

Relationships Edit

Olivia: Olivia is Camilla's best friend at Franklin Grove, and one of her few human friends. They enjoy talking about the sort of books they read, Olivia enjoying how Camilla raves about her sci-fi books. Camilla saved Olivia from kissing somebody in a play (as Camilla directed the play), by letting Olivia's boyfriend save Olivia from the boy she didn't want to kiss, and letting Olivia's boyfriend kiss her instead. Olivia usually has to be careful around Camilla, because she doesn't want Camilla to know the vampire secret, which Camilla so far doesn't have a clue about.

Ivy: Camilla sometimes talks to Ivy when Olivia is around her, and considers Ivy one of her best friends. Ivy is very weary around her though, because she doesn't want Camilla to find out about the vampire secret.

Sophia: Camilla hangs around Sophia when the group of five visit places, and Camilla thinks Sophia is one of her best friends. Sophia doesn't seem to bother if Camilla knows the secret about them, as she never talks about it herself.